Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jack Andrad (Uncrowned) & Random Questions

MsBrandyRock: I found out a lot of ‘things’ about Uncrowned that I did not know while doing some research. Songs have been featured on MTV’s The Real World. Do ya’ll think this helps gain fans or people just hear a song and that’s that?

Jack Andrad: I think it helps, people hear the song and look it up on line, it definitely doesn't hurt

MsBrandyRock: Like subliminal messaging?

Jack Andrad: Sure, whatever helps get the word out, ha ha

 Photo by Mikki Stacks (Sunday's Dreams) taken in Columbia, SC

MsBrandyRock: What is in the glass in the picture on Uncrowned’s website?

Jack Andrad: Ahh yes, that would be Vodka and cranberry

(Random Question out of my bag ha ha) (Tuna) Do you believe in love? No

MsBrandyRock: One thing that caught my eye is how the band got its name. So how did the name come about?

Jack Andrad: The name came from one of Charles Bukowski's poems about a fighter, it seem to fit so we embraced it.

MsBrandyRock: I looked up definition of uncrowned and it said “having the power or influence of a monarch or other prominent figure but not the title”. I personally think that is fitting.

Jack Andrad: I actually had not heard that definition, I like it!

MsBrandyRock: What was it like traveling 70,000 miles and playing 120 shows in 2007?

Jack Andrad: Well, we're still doing it, we actually have increased the miles and the shows since. We love being on the road, if you are a serious band, you're either on the road, writing music or recording.

MsBrandyRock: Did this have an impact on becoming the 14th most requested band overall at Sirius Octane for the 1st half of 2008.

Jack Andrad: I think touring has a tremendous impact with the fans, if you put on a great live show, it doen't go un-noticed, spread the love, is what I say.

MsBrandyRock: Did ya’ll put out the EP on your own? And can fans online still purchase the EP?

Jack Andrad: We did, fans can come to shows or purchase online from our website.

(Random Question 2): (Scott) What are you plans for tonight?

I'm going to hang out and check out Morgan Rose's (Sevendust) new drum kit, he's recording next door to us.

MsBrandyRock: Is Uncrowned now officially signed to Bieler Brothers or is it some sort of distribution deal?

Jack Andrad: We are officially signed to Bieler Bros.

MsBrandyRock: Since people are asking, I feel I know why, but what is taking so long to release ‘Last Bit of Good and Evil’?

Jack Andrad: Well, being green as far as a record deal is concerned, we ran into some misunderstandings with the label, also we wanted to increase the amount of songs, and give the fans premium quality.

 Photo used with Jack's permission.

(Random Question 3): (Jack) What’s your favorite album/CD?

I think it would probably have to be The Verses by Slipknot.

MsBrandyRock: Uncrowned is defined as modern edge. How is this self titled and did you come up with it?

Jack Anrad: Modern Edge Metal is a moniker I came up with while trying to describe our sound to people, everyone always asks the dreaded question "So, what do you guys sound like?" That was my answer.

MsBrandyRock:Where ya’ll actually mentioned during The American Music Award’s broadcast on TV as being one of the 10 Hottest unsigned bands as chosen by CMJ and Dick Clark?

Jack Andrad: Indeed we were.

MsBrandyRock: Whose instrument is on display in Hard Rock Cafe’s memorabilia collection? Do you know who the only other unsigned band is/was?

Jack Andrad: One of the Gibson Les Pauls from my collection.

(Random Question 4) (Stephen) What is your shoe size? 9 1/2

MsBrandyRock: I remember the first time I drove to Atlanta after seeing ya’ll live, in the Spring of 2009, and I was so excited because I had the radio on and “Remember Your Ghost” came on. Is it a huge deal to bands from Atlanta to get radio play in Atlanta?

Jack Andrad: It really is a big deal, Atlanta is in the top 10 radio markets in the country, it's very though nowadays for a (Then Unsigned) band to get that kind of radio play.

MsBrandyRock: What do you wish would happen with regular radio?

Jack Andrad: I wish they would quit being pussies and take some chances, break new bands, introduce new music to the masses, in my opinion that is why radio came to be anyway.

MsBrandyRock: What was it like recently playing Uproar Fest with Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Hell Yeah, Halestorm….?

Jack Andrad: That was an awesome concert, thousands of people. The part that sticks in my mind was cooking steaks and hotdogs with Vinnie Paul from Hell Yeah after the show, that dude is RAD!

(Random Question 5) (Stu) What were you in a past life?

Lol, mmmhh I don't have any clue, probably a fly on the wall of the dressing room in which the thong was invented ha ha

MsBrandyRock: If Uncrowned could pick the perfect line up for the perfect tour what three bands would they be and why?

Jack Andrad: Ohh tough question, I think we would love to play with very successful bands that we love, while maintaining sonic sense. My choices would be, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine.


Special thanks to Jack for making me realize no one has ever taken me on a picnic.